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MY BRAND!!! *SQUEE* And a tattoo party!  
07:16pm 14/12/2009
So here's the brand, 48 hrs later:

And Milo the artist? AWESOME. Pagan, kinky, poly, and a GREAT artist. Besides branding he also does tattooing and piercing. Just the all-around body mod go-to guy. He's actually allowed to touch my back - I'll be getting some ink in January.

Here's how - HE'S COMING TO BR! I don't have to haul my ass back to Dallas! *squee* We're doing a tattoo party! A bunch of us are getting together, having fun, kicking back, and getting inked surrounded by friends. He's coming specifically for this. I'm SO psyched!!!

Interested in getting inked in a quieter, more private setting? Want an artist who gets the kinky/pagan/poly symbol you want? Just looking for a great artist at a great price? Drop me a line and come to the party!

Want to see a portfolio? He's "gotkoolaid" on FL, and he's also at . Check his stuff out! The stuff he does with black light ink is cool as hell. Prices are a flat $50 an hour. Which kicks ASS, people. Great rates! I might be able to get my back finished!!!

Hope to see y'all there!
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09:47pm 02/11/2009
I have created a Google calendar for the Pagan classes and rituals and such I'm doing in Baton Rouge. If you would like access to this calendar, please let me know and I'll add you to it.

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Travel Diary, Day 4  
09:47am 06/07/2009
I know this is late. Ah, well. It's not like a lot happened. Here's the summary: Read more...Collapse )

And as a bonus I've got a trivia question! I snapped a pic of this at a rest stop in north Texas somewhere. I'm screening the answers - can anyone tell me what it is? As a clue it was only a few feet deep, and it does have a purpose beyond landscaping. Winner gets a shiny gold star! *squee*

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Temps on my last day..  
07:26am 04/07/2009
Amarillo: 85 degrees with thunderstorms (which is the ONLY reason it's that cool today - yesterday was 94)

Montgomery: 101, mostly sunny. Fuck me.

Just to make myself sad...

Seattle: 85 and clear as a damn bell.

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Travel Diary, Day 3  
12:40am 04/07/2009
Yes, this was SUPPOSED to be the short day. Until fuckin' Colorado decided to make my ass sit at a detour for hours!!! And then it was dark in flat Texas and I was on a damn 2 lane road with no lights so it took forever to get to Amarillo. I just got out of the shower, though, and I'm ready to tackle day 3. I promise it's not all horrible, though - saw some coolness! *laugh*

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To continue the theme...  
08:22am 03/07/2009
Cheyenne, WY: 73 with thunderstorms. Not bad! And it's already 62.

Amarillo, TX: 92 and mostly sunny.

Oh. My. God. This is going to SERIOUSLY suck.

And my cat knows that morning in a hotel means getting back in the box. He's hiding underneath the bed. *sigh* This'll be fun.

But I get the Rockies today! Sweet!
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Music for the Road  
10:07pm 02/07/2009
Road trips are a great time to evaluate new music and again fall in love with old favorites.

Enter the Haggis has been in my CD player the most. Love love love them! My favorite is "Lannigan's Ball", followed by "Gasoline" and "No More Stones". Celtic rockers who wear kilts, have punk hair and piercings, and play violins! *squees and faints* It's like all of my fantasies in one beautiful little ball!

I've also been listening to Imogen Heap. GOD this is good stuff! My favorite so far is "Oh Me Oh My", even with the intro.

Her style is very very cool. She's also behind Frou Frou, who did that really different version of "Holding Out for a Hero" on the Shrek soundtrack. Good stuffs!

Tomorrow is Hem's "Rabbit Songs", the album that provided "Half Acre".

I'm also listening to Nickel Creek (bluegrass seems appropriate for the mountains, even if they're the wrong set), Lady GaGa, Blackmore's Night, and a bunch of compilation stuff. Yay music!
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Travel Diary, Day 2  
07:04pm 02/07/2009
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06:24am 02/07/2009
Seattle: 76 degrees and gorgeous

Twin Falls, ID: 88 degrees and admittedly clear weather

Fort Collins, CO: 92 degrees and storming

I am NOT liking this trend, and I see more is to come. It's too depressing to look any further down the line.

Once I crossed the mountains from Seattle I felt the sun for the first time since I moved. I mean, in Seattle on pretty days the sun puts light on your skin, but there's no real heat behind it. Yesterday my legs started getting hot in the car and my A/C couldn't keep up. NOT a good thing, people.

I think about Texas and begin to freak out. I already miss Seattle, and I've only been gone a day.
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Travel Diary, Day 1  
10:59pm 01/07/2009
I'm recording my trip - my first real road trip EVER!!! - on my LJ. This is day 1. I cut it for those who just don't care. Warning if you click the link: VERY IMAGE HEAVY. I have a digicam, and I can point and click with the best of them. *laugh*

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